Workout Regiment

I think it’s pretty safe to say that eating well and exercising go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining a healthy body and mind, as well as just feeling good about yourself! I try to workout a minimum of three times a week, for no more than an hour at a time. With a busy schedule this can be really difficult at times, so I think the most important thing to always remember is not to put too much pressure on yourself. If I only have time for 15 minutes, that’s all that I’ll do — getting moving is the most important part!

Here are my favourite workouts at the moment:

Bike rides: Usually for one hour. Fun to do with a friend, because you can get caught up while working out.

Running: I’ve expressed my love of running a few times on this blog. It’s such a challenge, both physically and mentally, but I love it! Depending on how I feel and how much time I have, I’ll run anywhere from five to 10 kilometres at a time, or 30 minutes to one hour.

BodyFlow/BodyBalance: A combination of yoga, pilates and tai chi that I love to do and also happen to teach!

Targeted exercises and stretches to sculpt and tone ballerina muscles. The beauty of this workout is not only the TOUGH exercises that target those hard-to-reach areas, like inner thighs, backs of arms and core, but also its portability. Ballet is available through live-streamed classes, DVDs and downloadable videos. Workouts run anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.