What Childhood Is Like

I had such an amazing experience at kids yoga training with yoga (check out her blog about kids and yoga here). It felt great to let my childhood free spirit loose, while learning how to instill an appreciation of yoga and meditation in kids (and singing a lot, too). I also experienced yoga relaxation and meditation in a new way and it turns out I’m way better at kids meditation than I am in my own yoga classes (so hard to train my monkey mind!).

For a long day of work (both physical and mental), I relied on this super refreshing glass of goodness, which I whipped up Saturday morning. The juice was loaded with fruits and veggies, keeping me full for the entire afternoon, with a ton of vitamins that helped me stay focused, too.

3 small- to medium-sized carrots
2 oranges, peeled and divided
1/2 English cucumber
3 apples

Add to juicer in the same order shown above.

Just a side note. If you have kids, I strongly encourage you to get them doing yoga! It not only gets them moving, improving strength and flexibility, but also calms them, helps them focus and lets them express their imagination, creativity and free spirit. Not to mention, yoga helps them sleep better — and longer — (and I say this from my own personal experience… best sleep ever!).