Life update

exciting things are happening! Metro-Atlanta counties will be getting 3.2 billion for schools, Sunday liquor sales for the first time in over a century (except in Forest Park), Ohio voters emphatically reject Kasichs anti-union law, and the crazies in Mississippi wont get their way.

Meanwhile, Jacob and I spend the evening doing crafty things: making video game/8-bit Perler art, or sprites. We wanted to DO something not just sit around and worry. Create, not imbibe. And time really flies when youre making sprites, all the better for those of us keeping an eye on returns.

First, I cooked a mostly from-scratch meal for the first time in possibly two weeks? Intense emergency dentalwork + the worst cold in years put me out of commission but Ill be back in time for deliveries on Tuesday, hooray! Tonight, just a simple homemade tomato sauce with sauteed seasoned soy curls over tortiglioni easy, but still with a sense of accomplishment. Mostly, though, we made things: