Coconut Water: An Amazing Ingredient

My new favourite way to hydrate before or after a workout is coconut water. Its used in this recipe and this one, too. Both are great energy boosters and are (I think, anyways) perfect post-workout snack. And with warm weather on its way (yay!), turn to coconut water as a sweet way to keep you hydrated.

– Coconut water is actually the clear juice of young, green coconuts. Mature coconuts contain little juice and more meat, which is then used to make coconut milk for cooking and baking. For light and refreshing hydration, stick with coconut water.

– Packed with potassium (15 times that of a banana) and other electrolytes (12 times more than sports drinks) like magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and sodium, all of which assist in rehydrating the body and maintaining a state of balance.

– Its a natural alternative to sugary, artificially flavoured and coloured sports drinks thats perfect for moderate activity.

When buying:

– Look for unsweetened varieties like Zico or this raw one

(my new favourite, I’m obsessed!)