Another Dinner Success

Heres the awesome thing about the Club: no matter how fun and tasty the last one was, the next one will be just as good. When we started out we werent sure that would be the case, but wed have to say that our third dinner proved it to be true. Just take a look … [Read more…]

An Update

This past weekend, we had our inaugural Club dinner with Springs bounty. It was a blast and a great group of people came through, all who seemed to enjoy the company, the food, and the space. Before we show you the post on that dinner we wanted to show you our trial run dinner we … [Read more…]

Making a Meal of It

Gather around folks, let me tell you a little about our second Club, the official, authentic run which we had last month at a lovely loft in New York. Ill let the photos tell the story, but why dont you click through and let me present you with the menu. Its kind of mouthwatering. Also, … [Read more…]


Back in January, Alex told us that she was coming out to install and open her solo show at a Gallery. Alex has spent most of her last 2 years traveling around the world to various places and in between trips shes making amazing paintings and paper cut-outs. Whenver Alex comes to New York for … [Read more…]