Bring in the Holiday Season

We love good company and along with the good company, we like a good drink. And what better way to get a group of great ladies together to eat, drink, and be merry, than a little Happy Hour at our house?

Let me just give you a bit of history about how we gathered these lovely ladies. One of the things about living in New York is that you realize its a small, small world. One person knows someone who another person knows who knows you, which is how we came up with this idea. Jessica and I love brunch and if we could have every meal be brunch we would. We also realized we knew a lot of amazing, ambitious, creative, rad ladies who all knew each other peripherally, so we decided to have a little gathering to bring them all together. And voƮla! Brunch! was born. As much as we love brunch, however, we decided to shake things up and nothing does that quite like a stiff cocktail or ten. Hence the launch of Happy Hour.

In prepping for happy hour, we made up a menu of appetizers and three different cocktails. Well share those recipes with you in the following posts (so check back!). We did a little decor with some word garlands and achieved low lighting with Christmas lights and tea candles. And we had to dress up our plates so what better way to do that than with doilies? Truth be told, we love a nice doily.

We like our guests to leave with something, so we made some goodie bags filled with old-timey candy that we found at Economy Candy where you can buy by the pound. We stuffed them with Tootsie Rolls, Bit-O-Honeys, Smarties, rock candy (!), and Goetzes Caramels.

We were lucky enough to receive a bottle of Root from Art in the Age so Root n Ginger (our favorite Root cocktail) had to be on the menu. We also made Cherry-lime Rickeys (with Titos Vodka), and GINger, Cranberry, Apple Cider Punch.

You can get the template to the menu layout by clicking on menu. We also made cocktail recipe cards to go along with the goodie bags, so everyone could make the delicious concoctions at home. Well also be posting the recipe card template (along with recipes) in a couple of days.

We got the idea for these word garlands on this blog, Jenny Did, but instead of Christmas Carols we used drinking salutations. If we had more time we wouldve cut out more words because hers turned out beautiful but either way, we liked how this looked. All you need to make them is some paper and twine or string, making them an easy, awesome, affordable way to decorate. Cut your letters (we chose freehand and used some old construction paper), and tape the tops to the string.