Breakfast Drink Recipe

Well my holidays have come to an end. I’m back to work today and must say it was nice (sort of) to get back to a routine, see my work peeps and get cracking on those spring issues (yay spring!). In the spirit of Monday, I thought I’d share a super easy way to enjoy a good breakfast (although I’m pretty sure that’s the point of every post and every smoothie recipe?).

I made these muffins on Saturday morning

These muffins have a lot going for them. I’m sure they’ll be really successful in life, well liked and very popular.

1. They’re made with Grainstorm’s Golden Kamut baking mix. I followed a vegan recipe, which I added blueberries to.

2. They don’t mind going to work with you: Just individually wrap and freeze them for a grab-and-go breakfast during the week.

3. They really hit it off with a glass of strawberry & banana. I think she might call him back for another date.