Beating the Blues

Today was supposed to be one of those ultra-productive days off. I had personal upkeep appointments to attend, yoga to do, books to finish and healthy meals to make for the week. So why, when I woke up, did I want to do the opposite of just that? I felt sluggish, unmotivated and lazy. I called and told him I was feeling off, I didn’t want to do anything I had planned today. Being the current events buff that he is, E let me know that today, in fact, is known as “Blue Monday,” the saddest, most depressing day of the year. Well, that makes sense!

I had to get this day into gear somehow. I couldn’t let myself fall prey to the blues, or else my vacation day would be a waste, and the rest of the week would most likely be a doozy, too. Here’s how I kicked Blue Monday in the butt:

1. Start with a healthy, balanced breakfast (obviously). While I could’ve found sweet relief with a latte and a croissant from my local coffee shop, I decided this would only make me feel crummy in a few hours. I blended up a strawberry, banana and almond milk smoothie, adding a blood orange (peel and pith removed) in for extra zest. At least I could say that I had a healthy breakfast.

2. Shower and get dressed. Showering makes you feel like a million bucks when you were once feeling like only a couple dollars. Shaving your legs helps, too. As does putting on a decent outfit.

3. Walk. Below zero weather be damned! After all, I own all these cute hats, scarves and sweaters for a reason. I layered up and walked to my first personal upkeep appointment. It was cool and crisp, but totally amazing. My legs agree.

4. Take care of yourself. I treated myself to some personal grooming and feel a lot better because of it.

5. Exercise. Okay, so I didn’t feel like trekking all the way to yoga class and I shouldn’t have to do something I didn’t want to do on my day off. Instead, I brought yoga to my living room. Just a few of my favourite poses to energize my body.

6. Eat soup. Warm and loaded with veggies, it’s the stuff cold days are made for. I adapted this recipe for pasta fagioli, adding kale, peas and green beans.

These little things certainly helped turned my Blue Monday around. I hope you’re all feeling good today.