Working with Beets

Mmmm, beets. They’re one of our favorite things about summer. And their color is almost as amazing as their taste! So we picked up a bunch at the Farmer’s Market for this simple and delicious beet salad with ricotta cheese and arugula sammie. The ricotta perfectly balances the vinegar-y tang of the beet salad dressing, and adding arugula is a thing of beauty for your eyes and your mouth. Slap it all between two slices of homemade bread and you’re good to go (literally…this sandwich totally deserves to be eaten picnic-style, in a park, at the beach, by a lake or wherever you like to bask in the full glory of a sunshine-y day). Market week meal numero dos (yeah, yeah, we’re a little behind, but this summer staple is worth the wait, promise): Roasted Beet Salad Sandwich with Ricotta Cheese and Arugula !