Tea Recipe

My day usually begins and ends with a cup of hot tea (there’s usually one in between, too, but that didn’t fit as nicely into my sentence). Most mornings, I’ll choose a steeped black tea (favourites are Earl Grey and English Breakfast), while later in the day I’ll go for something green or herbal (although lately I’ve been really into oolong, a traditional Chinese tea). I discovered tea smoothies during a cleanse last year (I used herbal, since caffeine was on my foods-to-avoid list) and now they’re definitely some of my go-to recipes. There are a few reasons why tea makes a fantastic liquid base for smoothies.

– Non-dairy
– Sugar-free
– Full of antioxidants
– Aids digestion
– Detox-friendly (as long as you use one that’s herbal or naturally decaffeinated)

They’re really simple to make (what else is new? Should I stop stating the obvious?), but be warned: they aren’t as satisfying as some of my other smoothies – definitely not a meal replacement – so you might want to pack a little something to supplement.

– Steep one pot of your favourite tea. Green or herbal teas definitely work best for this recipe. If you’re detoxing, choose one that’s decaf.
– Let tea stand and cool. Note: you might want to steep the night before, then refrigerate overnight.

1 1/2 cups fridge- or room-temperature tea
1 cup frozen fruit (try blueberries, mixed berries, peaches, anything really)
1/2 tsp agave nectar (with this natural sweetener, a little goes a long way)