Special Interview: Jennifer Jones

This post is going to include so many things we love (sweets, friends, beautiful window displays), its hard to know where to begin! I guess we should start with the window, cause thats what inspired this special guest food adventure in the first place. Our dear friend Jenna Clark and our new friend and neighbor Jennifer Jones teamed up to create a really lovely window treatment a local business. We decided we should grab the two of them and head over to this cozy little bakery to admire their collaboration in person, eat some sweets, and catch up.

Of course, by the time we met up in Gardens after a long days work, the bakery was closing! But you cant stop a food adventure. The four of us decided Mexican was in order and headed straight to aa local joint for what may now be our official favorite taco joint in New York . But thats a whole other post. We ladies went back to the bakery later that week to taste test a few goodies. We were not disappointed.

Both Jenna and Jennifer raved about the whoopie pie and their recommendation was spot-on. These little suckers are stellar. Not too big and not too sweet, they have a wonderfully (for lack of a better word) pumpkin-y taste and the filling is rich without being heavy. At $1.50 a pop, they are a definite must. Besides the whoopies, almost all the treats are adorably tiny which means you can (should!) eat a bunch and get a little taste of a whole range of cookies. We tried the chocolate mint ganache sandwiched between two sugar cookies, the chocolate cinnamon ganache sandwiched between two hazelnut cookies, the mocha cream sandwiched between two chocolate wafers and the shortbread, caramel, chocolate layer bar, all bite-sized and delicious though the Lucia came out on top, enjoyment-wise. So swing by the bakery to admire the awesome window display (but quickly, its cold out! and soon, it wont be there forever!) and head inside for a huge range of treats. And remember, theyre tiny! Youll need to get a bunch.

Food talk with Jennifer

After getting married last year, Jenna and her new hubby took the worlds best honeymoon and spent 6 months traveling around Europe. Here she fills us in on her favorite international noshing, what inspired the culinary choices of her nuptials, and her ultimate food craving (which makes us wonder if shes a California girl at heart).

1. What was your favorite food discovery on your travels?

A place in Barcelona! Little sandwiches with good combinations of cheese, sardines, olives, red peppers, and octopus. Best part: you walk in, the little sandwiches are set out at the bar for anyone to take, you eat a LOT and then at the end they count the number of toothpicks from the sandwiches and charge you based on that. Even better part? The bill ends up being less than 12 bucks (euros)!

2. How did you go about choosing the food for your wedding?

We started out with a theme. We wanted more casual food to match the vibe: Kansas City is where we met and fell in love (awwww). So yes, we had ribs at our wedding! Theres a first for everything. To go with the theme we had truffle butter popcorn, cotton candy, mini cocktail wieners, and beer battered cheese curds. We found a caterer that was up for the challenge. She also came in with the lowest quote. Always a bonus when youre having a wedding.

3. Do you have any food rituals?

Not really. All I know is I LOVE burritos and I need at least one a or I go a little bananas. For instance, I almost walked to Chipotle in the snowstorm today. You better believe a burritos on my to-do list for tomorrow, snow or no snow. And I do eat the bakery whoopie pies everytime I have a calligraphy meeting at their shop. Its dangerous.

Luckily for brides-to-be the world over, Jenna put her amazing taste and love of wedding planning to work for them when she created the cake with a couple of friends/collaborators. The impeccable stylist recently moved from San Francisco to our hood and we are so happy to call her “neighbor.” Here she gave us the scoop on the NY dish she’s recently discovered, culinary advice for those planning a wedding, and how she starts her day.

1. What has been your favorite food discovery since moving to New York?

Vietnamese sandwiches. I never had these in SF and loooove the spicy meaty goodness.

2. What advice do you give to gals planning a wedding when it comes to choosing food?

When it comes to food at your wedding Id say have fun, do a tasting, go seasonal, and dont do a buffet. A nice sit-down meal gives you and your guests a chance to relax and enjoy their meal.

3. Do you have any food rituals?
Every morning I get up and either my husband or myself brews some coffee. Then Ill eat granola, Greek yogurt, and a banana. Other than that, making dinner every night is a great release at the end of the day. Along with a nice glass of wine, of course.