Peach Orange and Kale Drink Recipe

Okay, so I seriously need to go grocery shopping. Determined to make a smoothie on Friday morning, I really reached into the bottom of the barrel, or rather, the bottom of my fridge. You know its bad when that nice man you sometimes say hi to on your bus (the one with the cool leather jacket) says, so, whats in your cup, anyways? That looks like pea soup! Great. Me: Um, you know, some fruit and stuff So the colour wasnt exactly appealing today: A lovely combination of frozen peaches, the very last of the kale, the last quarter of avocado, flaxseed and o.j. Like I said, lovely. I think the saving grace was the o.j., which worked wonders to mask the irregular combination of flavours.

Something to note: Since o.j. has an obscene amount of sugar, try to buy fresh squeezed, 100 percent organic, no sugar added kind. Obviously, I had Tropicana in the fridge, so I only used about cup, then added a lot of water to dilute it.

Verdict: Not the worst thing Ive ever had, but definitely not the best. It was always in the back of my mind to scrap the smoothie and have a bowl of cereal instead. (Dont worry, I didnt!)


cup frozen peaches


cup o.j., plus cup water

2 tbsp flaxseed