Green Juice Recipe Redo

They have a huge vegetarian menu, which appeals to carnivores and vegans alike. I’m also drawn to their equally large juice and smoothie menu. There are so many great fruit and veggie combos so I’ve never had the same one twice.

I purchased their cookbook a few months ago and have tried a few of the recipes. Over the weekend, I made one of their juices for the first time – The Detoxifier! It was also my first time making juice, which was super exciting! The juice was actually really delicious. Like really. Despite all the greens, it was surprisingly sweet and I felt really spectacular after drinking it. The best part was that even though I made it on Sunday afternoon, I refrigerated it until I drank it on Monday afternoon at work (whereas I wouldn’t really do that with a smoothie).

6 springs parsley (I omitted, because I hate the stuff)
1 handful spinach
1 handful kale
2 stalks celery
4 red apples

Add parsley, spinach and kale to juicer first. Then add the celery and apples.