Grass Superfood Recipe

When people tell you to eat green powders, they’re essentially telling you to eat grass and algae. Naturally, I was intrigued. Made from grasses (such as wheatgrass), algae (such as spirulina and chlorella), dark leafy greens (such as kale and spinach), as well as a host of other superfoods (depending on the brands), green powders are an easy way to boost your nutrient intake in just one tablespoon.

One of the biggest benefits of green powders is their alkalizing effect on the body. Basically, the foods we eat are either alkalizing or acid producing. An overly acidic diet, rich in foods like dairy, meat, sugar and refined carbs will cause a pH imbalance. The body has a hard time balancing out the extra acids, and the excess acidity will take a toll on your bodys health (especially on your skin). Alkalizing foods, like greens, lemon, almonds, watermelon, celery and avacado, stabilize the bodys pH.

Sorry for the huge science lesson (hello, high school chemistry!). My point is, if you start your morning off with a smoothie thats loaded with alkalizing foods, youll be set for the day. And if you want some extra help, try incorporating green powders!

Since it was my first time trying greens, I bought Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood and added it to this recipe. The chocolate was actually a nice treat and masked the grassiness. It was incredibly filling and I felt in peak form all day!

Here are a few brands to try (as recommended by the lovely sales associate at Whole Foods):