Life update

exciting things are happening! Metro-Atlanta counties will be getting 3.2 billion for schools, Sunday liquor sales for the first time in over a century (except in Forest Park), Ohio voters emphatically reject Kasichs anti-union law, and the crazies in Mississippi wont get their way. Meanwhile, Jacob and I spend the evening doing crafty things: making … [Read more…]

Meeting my mentors

October, my favorite month of the year, decided to wrap itself up with the prettiest of all possible bows: meeting my vegan-cooking icon and long-time role model. Somehow it worked out that over the course of her visit, we also had dinner at Chngwa, ambled around Gallery, and shared lunch today at s Vegan place. … [Read more…]

Vegan Chinese Food

Hey folks! All month long Im blogging about our cities noteworthy vegan-friendliness. Its my hope that, through the power of eating, Ill be able to break through that Ghostbusters-like gunk clogging up everybodys perception of vegan livin here. As weve seen so far this month, its really quite lovely and easy and delicious! With your … [Read more…]

Vegan Restaurants

All month long Im blogging about my cities vegan-friendliness in the hope of dispelling the national misconception that its a crummy place to be vegan. As youve seen in earlier posts, thats so not true! But as I ramble on about all the great things we DO have, Im acutely aware of something we dont. … [Read more…]