Finding new local shops

Hitting up a local shop, the new super slammin’ Heights specialty foods store from the folks, has been on our to-do list since it opened last month. Considering it’s just a 10-minute bike ride from our hood, it’s a little sad that it took us so long to get over there. But boooooy, was it … [Read more…]

Working with Beets

Mmmm, beets. They’re one of our favorite things about summer. And their color is almost as amazing as their taste! So we picked up a bunch at the Farmer’s Market for this simple and delicious beet salad with ricotta cheese and arugula sammie. The ricotta perfectly balances the vinegar-y tang of the beet salad dressing, … [Read more…]

Off to the Market We Go

Jessica over happens to be one of our favorite food bloggers. Last year, we followed her adventures during market week (seven days in which she bought ALL her groceries—milk, cheese, meat, veggies, bread—at the greenmarket) and this year, when she suggested folks join her we hopped on board without a second thought. Cause theres nothing … [Read more…]