Berry Mascarpone Pancakes

February can get a little dreary what with the seemingly endless frigid days, but there is one wonderful silver lining that makes us appreciate these wintry weeks so much more: its national pancake month! Not that you needed an excuse to heat up the griddle and stock up on syrup, but now you have one … [Read more…]

V-Day Holiday Cookie Recipe

Looking for a V-day treat? Look no further. Wed probably eat anything that was slapped together with Nutella, but these heart-shaped cookies have the added bonus of being especially tasty AND adorable. We put them on our to-bake list the minute we saw them in Everyday Food. As long as you have a heart-shaped cookie … [Read more…]

Happy Happy Holidays

And so now we get to the good part: Happy Hours food and the drinks, what we made and how we made it. The key word was easy because we were having this little shindig on a work night and had about 2-3 hours to prep before our guests arrived. We chose three appetizersPancetta Crisps … [Read more…]

Tikka Masal Recipe

We love a little spice in our lives. Something with a kick, a zing, or a zow, which is why when we opened up last months Martha Stewart and noticed the Shrimp Tikka Masala and Toasted-Coconut Rice our mouths did a little jump kick to our brain. Surprisingly this recipe was super easy, for some … [Read more…]

Homemade White Arugula Pizza Recipe

If you ask us, you can’t really go wrong with pizza, so making it from scratch pretty much knocks it outta the park. We decided to kick off our week of menus with a fail-safe option: a sauceless “white” pizza topped with arugula. We know, we know, pizza without sauce seems kinda sacrilegious but you’ll … [Read more…]