A Drink to the Year

A very happy New Year to you! It was just one year ago that I started this little blog — as a New Year’s goal, in fact — to start making regular smoothies as a personal commitment to wellness. Well here I am now, one year and one new blender later (this one, thanks B&M), … [Read more…]

Coconut Water: An Amazing Ingredient

My new favourite way to hydrate before or after a workout is coconut water. Its used in this recipe and this one, too. Both are great energy boosters and are (I think, anyways) perfect post-workout snack. And with warm weather on its way (yay!), turn to coconut water as a sweet way to keep you … [Read more…]

Blueberry Muffins in a Glass

Although we all love starting our day with a glass of goodness and just can’t imagine a day without one (gasp! the horror!), I’m sure there’s some of us out there who crave something a bit more solid… a muffin perhaps. Unfortunately, muffs are loaded with fat, sugar and who knows what else, so they … [Read more…]

Coffee with Cinnamon

One of my favourite things about Saturday mornings is getting to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with my guy without having to rush out the door. Whether we walk to our local coffee shop or brew our own at home, it’s always one of the best moments of the day. Partly from an idea … [Read more…]

Glass of Greens

One of my top tips for beating winter fatigue? Drink your greens, of course! This Garden Greens Juice is one of my favourites, since it tastes so fresh and lively and is filled with an abundance of detoxifying, good-for-you fruits and veggies. It’s been a joy to invent creative and appetizing ways to turn the … [Read more…]

Almond and Banana Smoothie – A New Staple

Monday’s shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I mean, what the heck, no one likes Monday, he should just go away (yes, Monday is totally a man). I decided to start a new routine: wake up, work, gym, then home. You see, my former routine was: wake up, work, traffic, home (hungry, tired)… gym… maybe. Note … [Read more…]

Beating the Blues

Today was supposed to be one of those ultra-productive days off. I had personal upkeep appointments to attend, yoga to do, books to finish and healthy meals to make for the week. So why, when I woke up, did I want to do the opposite of just that? I felt sluggish, unmotivated and lazy. I … [Read more…]

Tea Recipe

My day usually begins and ends with a cup of hot tea (there’s usually one in between, too, but that didn’t fit as nicely into my sentence). Most mornings, I’ll choose a steeped black tea (favourites are Earl Grey and English Breakfast), while later in the day I’ll go for something green or herbal (although … [Read more…]

Another Glass of Green

Since it’s Saturday and I had a bit more time on my hands, I decided to try another variation of the green smoothie. I had seen a few recipes that called for an avocado, so I thought I’d give it a try. Apparently, avocados give smoothies a light creaminess to them and add a healthy … [Read more…]

Hearty Granola Recipe

So, not a smoothie but equally delicious and good for you, too! Who’s going to complain anyways? Shout outs to my book club girls, who encouraged me to post this recipe after a delicious book club brunch this past Sunday. I’ve seen quite a few recipes for granola and most follow the same general format. … [Read more…]