Superfood Smoothie Recipe

I’m sure quite a few of you (or at least someone you know) have resolved to eat more healthfully this year, committing to eating more veggies, drinking less alcohol or cutting out sweets. This morning I overheard (okay, I was totally eavesdropping!) a few girls talking about how hard it is to eat healthy. And … [Read more…]

Green Juice Recipe Redo

They have a huge vegetarian menu, which appeals to carnivores and vegans alike. I’m also drawn to their equally large juice and smoothie menu. There are so many great fruit and veggie combos so I’ve never had the same one twice. I purchased their cookbook a few months ago and have tried a few of … [Read more…]

What Childhood Is Like

I had such an amazing experience at kids yoga training with yoga (check out her blog about kids and yoga here). It felt great to let my childhood free spirit loose, while learning how to instill an appreciation of yoga and meditation in kids (and singing a lot, too). I also experienced yoga relaxation and … [Read more…]

Hearty Oatmeal Recipe

It all happened on a Sunday, like so many of my ambitious schemes do. The following week was likely going to be a doozy, and there were groceries to be shopped for, laundry to be folded, olympics to be watched and oatmeal to be baked. That’s right baked oatmeal. Simple, hearty and healthful, this make-ahead … [Read more…]

Thinking and Thoughts

What an intense week (hence my lack of posting)! Between looming deadlines, flooded bathrooms and crazy neighbors, I just feel like I need to catch my breath. Luckily, I have an amazing supporter who keeps me grounded and special friends whose words “don’t stress” really hold true right about now. Like a loyal amigo, a … [Read more…]

Kale Recipe Chips

Kale should be your best friend. Heres why: – This dark, leafy green member of the cabbage family (Hi cabbage family!) has an abundance of antioxidants and can also aid in lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation. – Just one cup boasts over 1000% of your daily-recommended vitamin K (promotes bone growth and regulates blood clotting). … [Read more…]

Making Glass of PB & J

A good friend of mine has been off carbs and going strong for quite some time now. He’s dying for a pb & j sandwich though. Here’s hoping this smoothie version helps him out! 1/2 cup fresh raspberries 2 tbsp natural peanut butter (or, almond butter) 1 cup almond milk or 1 cup unsweetened pomegranate … [Read more…]

A Refreshing Glass of Strawberry & Mango

Saturday was race day. Harry’s Spring Run-Off is an 8 km race through High Park in support of prostate cancer. I was super excited to participate in this race (my first time) in order to get my legs ready for the season (they take a little break when the temperature drops below zero) and enjoy … [Read more…]

Peach and Strawberry Amazingness

Happy Monday friends! Here’s a sweet treat that I made yesterday afternoon. I was pre-cooking my lunches for the week and sure worked up an appetite. I looked in the freezer, “hello frozen peaches,” I looked in the fridge, “hello fresh strawberries.” I figured peaches and strawberries would like to get to know each other … [Read more…]

The Wonderful Acai Bowl

Have you ever had an acai bowl? It’s satisfying, energizing and so delicious. Acai berry is a Brazilian superfood that’s crazy rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids; it also boasts essential vitamins (such as B and K) and minerals (potassium, zinc and iron). I’ve been on an acai bowl kick lately, especially since I … [Read more…]