Because my body started to age rapidly when I turned 25 (Don’t look at me like that. Seriously, it did), a weekly antioxidant smoothie is a must! Simply put, antioxidants prevent the effects of free radical damage (which contributes to aging and disease) in the body. I found this recipe in one of my favourite magazines, Whole Living. Its really easy to make with very few (antioxidant-rich) ingredients. This recipe, like the other two Ive posted, is detoxifying and free of common allergens (like gluten, soy, dairy, etc.). If you dont have any crazy food sensitivities and want a creamier, protein-rich variation, try adding cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt.

2 cups frozen mixed berries
1 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice (my favourite is POM Wonderful)
1 cup water