An Update

This past weekend, we had our inaugural Club dinner with Springs bounty. It was a blast and a great group of people came through, all who seemed to enjoy the company, the food, and the space. Before we show you the post on that dinner we wanted to show you our trial run dinner we had in early Spring. We invited a handful of our foodie friends to a secret location where dinner was prepared by a top chef, the Chef at a three star Michelin-ranked NY resto and drinks were concocted and served by a friend.

Were always curious as to what goes on behind the scenes of a restaurants kitchen; how the food is made, the sexism in the kitchen, the different stations, the burns, blah, blah, blah. Currently, Im reading a memoir, so I may be a little more interested than normal. I personally like being behind the stove, cooking away, concentrating on the meal and not the service aspect, thats the fun part for me. So when someone tweeted about Gooey Butter Cake it led me to her fun and informational blog. Wanna know about opening a restaurant? becoming a chef? how to interview for a restaurant job? Shes got the post and the information not to mention the experience (Bouchon, French Laundry, do you need more?). Have a look, if youve ever been curious about the restaurant life

One of our favorite meals we had in the past year is from a local joint and it included Ricotta Cavatelli and Sage Brown Butter with Italian Sausage. Such a simple dish but so hearty and nearly perfect. So when we got the cookbook, we were excited to have a try at it ourselves. Our attempts to hand make some pasta, the hour and half of mixing, kneading, rolling, cutting, and crimping was labor intensive and was it worth it? Truth is, it wasnt great but not because the recipe wasnt great it was us that wasnt great. Give a couple more tries at it and well perfect it.

There rarely is a person that we meet that can rival our very own sweet tooth, but we think we may have met her match. Meet her, bright, cheery, talented photog and all around one great gal. She’s a native of Los Angeles, was out in New York on business and a food adventure was called for. Since weve been meaning to try a new restaurant the raved about joint in Park, we biked on over for some dessert before dinner.