A Weekend Alcohol Smoothie

On Saturday afternoon, I started thinking about the summer. Two of my closest friends are getting married (yay friends!) and they’ve both graciously asked me to be their bridesmaid (double yay friends!). So, two weddings plus bridesmaid duties and summer travel plans on top of that make for a super crazy summer, which means weekends are already filling up. One of my favourite weekends of the summer is a camping trip over the August long weekend. The tradition started just five years ago for me, but over 20 (is that right gang? you know who you are.) for the rest of the group (and it’s a big group!). It’s an amazingly fun weekend filled with friendly competition, big group dinners, campfire singing and B.B.C’s (courtesy of John’s Bar).

Let’s summarize this progression, so we’re all on the same page. Thinking about summer – planning my weekends – thinking about camping – thinking about B.B.C’s – making B.B.C’s

I usually only have B.B.C’s once a year, but this blender drink instantly transported me to a balmy afternoon in my fold-up chair after a grueling match of bocce (yeah, that’s right).

Recipe serves 4(ish) people.

1 banana
1 can light coconut milk
# shots of Bailey’s (you decide how many shots…)

Please note, this recipe was completely “eyeballed.”