A Look into Hemp Seeds

Not feeling so hot this week. So my glasses of goodness have consisted of peppermint tea and this stuff. Oh, I also made this today.

Anyways… I hope that your weeks have been excellent! Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Groundhog’s Day. I meant to post something pink yesterday, but, like I said, not feeling so hot.

On to more important things. You may have noticed that hemp seed usually reserves an extra-special spot in my smoothies. I also throw them on top of my cereal, in my salads and in my soups. The seeds add such a delightful crunch and are super good for you. I forget where or how I heard about hemp seeds, but here’s what I know:

– Yes, these crunch delights do come from the same Cannabis species as marijuana. However, they’re bred with much lower levels of the psychoactive chemical THC. (Don’t worry, we’re not running a grow-op over here.)
– You can buy them whole or shelled (also called hulled). The shelled seeds taste milder and pack more nutrients; the whole seeds give you more crunch and fiber. I buy these raw shelled ones.

– Hemp seeds are a huge source for vegan, digestible protein: Two tablespoons have 24% of your daily requirement (impressive, huh?). It’s a high-quality protein, too, with a balance of all the essential amino acids.
– They’re also loaded with fibre – yay digestion!
– These little seeds are also packed with other nutrients: omega-3 and omega-6, vitamin e, b vitamins and folic acid.

So, if this info doesn’t sell you on hemp seeds, I don’t know what will! Also, Costco has the best deal.